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services, counseling, debt managementCounseling
Is focused on meeting your needs while understanding creditor requirements. Through an in-budget analysis, we will help you take action to address your concerns.

May be needed to develop a long range spending plan to meet living expense and pay towards total control of your finances.

Debt Management
Is a plan worked out with the cooperation of creditors to help you pay your debts. This is a voluntary program in which we ask your creditors for concessions while you make payments through FCC. For many families, debt management may provide an effective alternative to default or bankruptcy.

Complements our counseling services. We offer educational presentation on a variety of topics to schools, colleges, community groups, businesses, and the general public.

Housing Counseling
Is provided for renters, families seeking to own a home, homeowners with mortgage delinquencies, and seniors needing reverse mortgage counseling. Home ownership classes are provided in a group or individual settings. FCC is a HUD certified comprehensive housing counseling agency

Senior Financial Care
Helps Rutherford County adults, age 60 and older, with filing medical insurance claims, reconciling bank statements, writing checks for bill paying, personal budgeting and debt management. These services are offered in the privacy of your home or in the office. Cost of services is based on a sliding scale fee.

North Carolina Foreclosure Prevention Fund please link with www.ncforeclosureprevention.gov
NCFPF is designed for homeowners who live or work in North Carolina, who have lost their jobs or had a reduction of income due to no fault of their own. NCFPF is a “no-interest” loan program for those whose homes are threatened by foreclosure.

Pre and Post Bankruptcy Counseling
Helps people with financial problems who are considering filing for bankruptcy. We will provide you with information about bankruptcy including its process and possible consequences. The cost for this service is $25.

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North Carolina Housing Finance Agency

North Carolina Housing Finance Agency

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